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  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
12/10-12/14 work on Business Plans. Refer to Ch 5 & 6 of books and examples. work on Business Plans. Refer to Ch 5 & 6 of books and binders for examples.      
  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
11/19-11/23 Record expenses

Work on Exec. Summary

Count Money

Record on Spreadsheet

Work on Executive Summary (pg 120)& Cover Letter (pg 118) documents pg NO SCHOOL

Thanksgiving Break

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
11/12-11/16 Advertising/ordering Advertising Start businesses Evaluate starts of businesses Work on Executive Summary (pg 120)& Cover Letter (pg 118) documents pg

Click here for messages for businesses

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
10/29-11/2 Analyze data & Mission Statements Read 155-163

Ques. 3-5 p 163

Ch6 Rev Ques

Read 163-170
Activity Master 21

Activity Master 23

Go over Questions Go over Activity Masters
  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
10/22-10-26 Work on Surveys Compile Surveys using Google Forms Work on Mission Statements   No School
Week 7 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
10/8-10/12 No School Finish Ch 4 Activities

Begin Ch 5

Brainstorm with partner. Finalize business & Create name Chp 5 Ch 5
Questions 1-18 pg 123-124

Business Plan

Week 6 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
10/1-10/5 Discuss Ch 4

Ch 4

Ques. pg 99-100


Case study


Click here for the
Ch 4 Activities


Ch 4 Activities

Part 2

Week 5 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
9/24-9/28 Finish Questions & Work on Business with partner Activity Master 4

Activity Master 5

Case Study & pg 77

Work on Business with partner

Work on Business with partner Finish Questions
Week 4 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
9/17-9/21 Pair up and Brainstorm Business with partners. Look at examples Discuss Ch 3

Ques. p 72

Work on Questions Band Assembly Homecoming
Week 3 Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
9/10-9/14 Click here to complete the Activity for today Monday Activity Monday Activity Evaluate Monday Activity Case Study p. 52
Begin brainstorming a Business
Week 2 Mon 9/3 Tues Wed Thurs Fri
9/3-9/7 Chapter 2

Read & Discuss

Chp 2 Activity



Ch 2 Ques 1-20 Ch 2

Business Plan

pg 51


Ch 2

pg 52

Case Study

Class Business Plan
Week 1 Mon 8/27 Tues Wed Thur Fri
8/27-8/31 Go over Test

Discuss Research

Go over Questions

Work on This is Your Business - Project p. 21 Continue work on Business Project

Chapter 1 Review

Go over Case Study

Submit Ch1  Review

No School

Inservice Day

  Mon 8/20 Tues Wed Thur Fri
8/20-8/24 Open House No School Course Syllabus

Class expectations

Chapter 1


Activity - Aptitude Test

North Dak. Research

P19 Q1-18



Monday, Sept. 10


Chapter 4 Activity

Complete the Two assignments listed below for Thurs. Oct 4:

Complete the Two assignments below for Fri. Oct 5:


Business Messages:

Cafe Caramelly:  Make sure you are set for supplies on Monday. Also line up the appropriate # of individuals to assist you Monday morning.

Shop 58-1:  Call in your order for next week.  Plan for selling on Tuesday. I visited with Derek on the reason for this so he can share.

T & A Design: First work on your order form and then work on the assignment for today.




















































Mon Aug 31 Tues Sep 1 Wed Sep 2 Thur Sep 3 Fri Sep 4
Ch 2
p. 51-82
Ch 2
p. 82-90
p. 91 Rev. Ques.
p. 91 Rev.Ques

Go over ques.
Ch 2 Hands-on pg 92-96

Ch 2
Hands-on Pj. pg 92-96

Case Proj. #3

Mon Aug 24 Tues Aug 25 Wed Aug 26 Thur Aug 27 Fri Aug 28
Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 1
pg 40-41

Review Ques.
pg 43-44

Dreamweaver MX

Go over Review Questions

Chapter 1
Hands On Projects
pg 45-49

Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 1

Case Project
pg 50

Evaluate Hands-on Projects & Case Projects Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 2 - Fireworks MX

pg 51-82

Mon Aug 17 Tues Aug 18 Wed Aug 19 Thur Aug 20 Fri Aug 21
Teacher Inservice

Open House

Day Off Classroom Rules Syllabus Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 1
pg 1-30


Dreamweaver MX

Chapter 1
pg 30-40




























Create a webpage in Dreamweaver that is about you.  Include picture of yourself and also information about yourself. Utilize the following site to create title text for it.




Example of a Dreamweaver site


Example of a Flash site


Examples of both
















































































Mon May 15 Tues May 16 Wed May 17 Thur May 18 Fri May 19
Macromedia Project Seniors present Macromedia Project Semester Tests 4th period Test Evaluation Form, Checkout Day
I have enjoyed having you in class this semester.  I hope that you walk away from this class knowing that you now have some very valuable skills that a lot of other students or even adults don't have. You have the capability to create your own web page and design your own graphics and create your own animations!!  Continue to play around with these programs in your free time and build on what you already know.

The last thing for you to do is to complete an Evaluation Form for the Class. Just click on the link below and type in the blocks provided. When you are done, print off a copy and place it in the top basket on my desk.   Also make sure you save anything you want from your folder to another device.  Have a great SummerR!!J


Evaluation Form









































































































































































































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Lesson 2 Projects
Lesson 2 Projects
Lesson 3
Lesson 3
Lesson 3 Projects
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Lesson 7 Lesson 7 Projects Lesson 8 Lesson 8 Lesson 8 Projects
Mon Feb 20 Tues Feb 21 Wed Feb 22 Thurs Feb 23  Fri Feb 24
NO SCHOOL Lesson 5 Finish Lesson 5 & begin projects Lesson 5 Projects Lesson 5 Projects and Case #1 & #2
Mon Feb 13 Tues Feb 14 Wed Feb 15 Thur Feb 16 Fri Feb 17
Lesson 4 Projects Lesson 4 Projects Lesson 4
Case Project #1
Lesson 5 Lesson 5
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NO SCHOOL Lesson 2 Projects Lesson 2 Cases 3 & 4 Lesson 2 Cases 3 & 4 Present Case Projects
Mon Jan 9 Tues Jan 10 Wed Jan 11 Thurs Jan 12 Fri Jan 13
Work on Lesson 1 Hands on Projects Finish Lesson 1 Hands on Projects Work on Lesson 1 Case Projects Begin Lesson 2 Lesson 2




































Group web page projects

Website for creating a quiz

Rubric for Group web page project