Mon Sep 13 Tues Sep 14 Wed Sep 15 Thurs Sep 16 Fri Sep 17
Read p 29-31
Telephone etiquette
Blank Sheet of Paper: List classes/skills

Read p 32-39
Math worksheet

Go over math worksheet

Divide into groups - work on communication Master 14 handout

Role play telephone scenarios

Role play telephone scenarios

Work in groups and figure cost of item for products

Work on Cost

Develop a Price


Work in labs to make products.

Sell Products

Fill out a report on cost, profit, etc.

Activity Website

Creative Activity:

If you could redesign the dashboard of a car, what would you do?  What would make it better?  What would make convenient?  What kind of design would you like? What special features would you like included? Come up with at least 20 different ideas.


Information to be included on Entrepreneur PowerPoint:

bulletWhat did they do
bulletBiggest obstacles
bulletType of business pg 5 in book - service, manufacturing, etc.
bulletWhat made them successful