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Finish Campus Story Videos Share & Show videos Mood Project

Project Instructions

Work on Mood Project Review different types of shots.


Review lighting sources: GO TO:












I. Campus Story

>>The emphasis here is on story. Take any aspect of campus or school life and develop a well thought out video piece with a clear beginning, middle, and end structure.

First, write out (type up) all of your shots in the order you plan to shoot them.  You must hand this in with your project. As an example:

bullet1. LS - campus, early morning. Students are hurrying to classes.
bullet2. MS - Mary getting out of her car in the parking lot.
bullet3. MS - John noticing, stops, turns, starts walking toward her.  ((etc.))

It doesn't matter if there are minor changes between your shooting outline and your final project; the idea is to think through your story in the preproduction phase.


Sound will be music (your choice) . You will not use any location sound for this first assignment—only music.

TIME: Not critical, but between 1 and 3 minutes.

Plan out your story using PowerPoint slides, print out and turn in. Record this project and edit in IMovie with your I-pad..


II. Mood Piece

>>Establish a basic mood—tranquility, anxiety, reverence, anger, patriotism, spirituality, or whatever—entirely through your selection of subject matter and the use of camera angles and lighting techniques.

Music and dialogue may only supplement (but not establish or fully communicate) the mood you select. Without your audio we should clearly get the idea.

Stick to one mood or feeling, and don't confuse matters by moving from one mood to another.

You will need to share your video with 5 other people. After seeing your video you will ask them for a one-word description of the mood conveyed. Record their names and the word they gave you. If you did this correctly you should get a reasonably consistent answer.

TIME: Probably rather short. Once you feel you have clearly communicated your mood, quit!

Plan out your story using PowerPoint slides or Keynote slides.



III. Person at Work

>>Illustrate with video the relationship between a person (one person only) and his or her job

. This can be a vocation or avocation, but not a hobby.


Tell a complete story of the person-job interaction through the use of establishing shots, close-ups, ECUs, etc.

When you present your video in class we should get a clear idea of the person, exactly what they do, how they do it, and something of his or her personality and feelings toward their job.  

Sound for this assignment will be a selection of music of your choice. You may include some of the associated sound if you feel you can confidently handle this at this point. Transfer this music along with any location sound (including interview segments) to your edited master during the editing process.

TIME: Not critical, but between 2 and 4 minutes.












































































































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Working with video for Project #1 Using Imovie on the Ipad...edit video for

Project #1


Finalize Project #1 for evaluation

Brainstorm ideas for Project #2

Create outline of Project #2

Create Storyboard for Project #2

Begin gathering footage for Project #2